Community work is of paramount importance to our team not only because we feel we have a duty to give back but also we find the work to be hugely rewarding and fun to be involved with. Currently we aim to collaborate with community based projects once a year so that we are able to really focus on the needs of that project.


In 2016 we worked with Basement Jaxx producer, Felix Buxton and Pandemonium Drummers (comprising drummers of all ages and backgrounds from the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics in 2012) to help produce a music video for their charity single entitled ‘Champion’ to celebrate the London 2012 legacy of the games. In collaboration with The Teenage Cancer Trust we worked together to create a music video and assisted in the producing of this also. Other artists involved were Brendan Reilly (Disclosure featured artist) and Vula Malinga (Basement Jaxx). Plus Melissa Cavanagh from Team Boy George on The Voice, who has been a supporter of the charity since overcoming Hodgkin’s Lymphoma aged 13; and newcomer Gina Maloney, a young person supported by Teenage Cancer Trust. They perform alongside a choir including London 2012 volunteers, members of Gospel Essence, London House Cats Choir and Vision and children from Hackney Council’s Young Hackney.

The track is a fundraiser in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust and is dedicated to the late Stephen Sutton MBE, who performed with the drummers at Wembley Stadium for the UEFA Champions League Ceremony in May 2013.

‘Champion’ has been an Elite Squad London passion project, and many of our Squad dedicated their talents and time to make it a reality.

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Tits is a Low/no budget documentary film by Tristan Bell and Lily Levin. The aim of TITS is to rival the idealistic representation of the body put forward by the media, to deconstruct taboos and shame around breasts, examine breast fetishisation within society and to highlight breasts as multi functional organs and not just sexual. We want  to explore these themes through personal experiences and shed light on what it’s really like to have a pair of tits. Issues covered will include breast cancer, reduction surgery, enhancement surgery, transgender issues, sexuality, gender stereotyping, cultural differences and sexual abuse.

Here at ESL we have been collaborating with Tristan and Lily from 2017 through to 2018 to assist them in there fundraising efforts and also to create a premiere screening event for their guests and team that have made Tits happen! The premiere will include performance artists, a talk from the charity ‘Copperfeel’. Our aim for the Tits event is to celebrate the stories and experiences we have all had, or know of to bring together a new community of people. Our personal aim is to inspire people to be more body confident, proud and stronger in their own skin. Being different is what makes us beautiful, and sharing our differences makes us kinder and better citizens. We aim to create a fun and safe space for our guests to party and network, to feel fabulous and proud, and to enjoy the work of Tristan and Lily’s visually striking and heart-stirring documentary

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