What moves us?

‘What moves us?’ Memories? Experience? Art? Debate? Oppression? Protest? Justice? Injustice? Faith? Innocent smoothie tweets? I don’t know about you, but for me it is all of the above! My head and heart have endured a full body work out over the past few weeks and it has got me thinking about ‘What moves us?’

October has been a flurry of fantastic events in my social calender from Hamlet at the Barbican Arts Centre, to Lorraine Pascale speaking about her ‘life lessons’ at the Stylist Live Event, and watching Michael Fassbender play the title role in Macbeth currently screening across cinemas nationwide. The thread linking all of these events was my emotional connection to them, I was moved and that’s what made them so memorable and satisfying to watch.

During the curtain call of Hamlet, Benedict Cumberbatch stood before the audience and made a bold and eloquent plea to them for donations on behalf of the charity ‘Save the Children’. It was for the current humanitarian crisis overseas, in which hundreds of thousands of people are fleeing their own countries in the hope for a better future. I felt moved by his statement, and I felt a part of something that was bigger, more important and greater than the play I had just witnessed, because it made me feel joined with a community of people that cared. As Benedict so poignantly put it: ‘by donating you are letting these people know that, I see you, I hear you and I support you’. On a very different note, whilst Lorraine Pascale was speaking about her many varied career changes throughout her life from model to mechanic, I was bowled over by how humble she is and yet she has this grit and strength which is so incredibly inspiring – wow, what a women! Finally, I was awe struck with Fassbender’s outstanding portrayal of Macbeth, but also frustrated: how is it fair that one man can be that talented and that good looking whilst playing a character that is essentially a murderer!

These few events got me wondering – what are the ingredients required to make a stunning, memorable event? I thought of three things…it will be memorable either because it connects you to being a part of a wider bigger issue, or because it moves you; it has to be magnetic; and finally it has to include Michael Fassbender. These are my three ingredients.

Elite Squad London are creating events that are both memorable and magnetic, please note we are still waiting to hear back from Michael Fassbender about joining are talented pool of staff! As Jim Carey said last year in a commencement address at the MUM graduation in America ‘Why not take a chance on faith? I don’t believe in hope, hope is a beggar, hope walks through fire, Faith leaps over it’ so if you don’t believe in the Elite Squad hype yet, then take a leap of faith on us. It won’t take you long to realize what the fuss is all about.

And if Fassbender is reading this, I have FAITH, we are waiting for you to leap through the flames and into #Squad #Life
What are you waiting for?

Thanks for reading.

Sheri Sadd

Elite Squad London Founder & Director

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