Time: Spend it wisely

Time is the most expensive thing you have – spend it wisely

Currently I couldn’t agree with this more. In the run up to Christmas I find myself juggling an Acting career, an exciting new business, multiple jobs, a feeble attempt at a social life, and a substantial amount of Christmas preparation. On many an occasion I’ve been heard to utter the words I really wish I had Bernard’s watch (fist pump to those who get the 90’s child reference!), and a casual stroll to the station is unheard of. So is a ‘brisk walk’ to the station. In fact, I’d say it’s more of a gentle-to-medium jog, with a sprint as the train pulls in. I haven’t quite mastered the relaxed morning just yet.

As someone who always wishes for more time, I often find myself not utilising the sacred time I do have efficiently enough. This isn’t new however, I’ve always been this way. Back in college, I actually had to sign a contract to state that the head of the art department owned my free time. So, every lunch and late afternoon was spent in the studio covered in paint, in order to achieve that all important ‘A’ grade the department would accept no less than. Thanks to that contract, and a bit of firm encouragement from Charlotte (if she told me to jump I would!), I did achieve that ‘A’.

Of course, as life goes on you find that the hand-holding gradually eases up – or you push it away in my case – and as you go it alone it becomes a ‘sink or swim’ situation. I’ve certainly sunk a few times, but I’ve always landed on my feet somehow, and kicked my way to the surface. Or more often than not, I’ve been pulled up by my friends, family and boyfriend, to whom I owe the majority of my successes and achievements. My support network is second to none. It’s the people in my life that really make it what it is, and when I have a minute to stop and think (or curse) about the lack of time I have for them, I realise that without them it’s all irrelevant anyway.

So, for 2016 my New Year’s resolution will be simple: To make the most of every person, and every moment I have.

I’m happy with my life, I’m happy with my body and I’m happy with the people in my life. I don’t want to resolve to go to the gym more, make more effort with my friends and family, or continuously improve myself and my career – in my opinion, all of those things should be an absolute given, a standard expectation and routine to live by. Instead, I resolve to strive for happiness – to see the best in people, to find the positive in a bad situation, to learn from my mistakes and enjoy every moment life gives me.

And then there are the Arts. I love the arts. I can’t imagine my life without performance, art and music, and I intend to give and take and the best from the industry. In moments of reflection, I sometimes try to imagine life without art. I find it impossible to envisage, and then I realise that it’s impossible to remove. Art is everywhere, in so many forms: The shape of a building that an architect has passionately drawn and modeled; the curve of a vehicle – a result of years of design and testing; even the taste of a gourmet meal, creatively combined by a knowledgeable chef. Everywhere we look we see the result of someone’s self-expression. And we are all the better for it. The Arts enrich our lives and inspire us to make more for ourselves, whatever our dreams.

So as we wave goodbye to 2015 and begin to draw up plans and goals for 2016, I feel a multitude of emotions. For one thing, I can’t understand where 2015 went, I’m still looking for it now. However, aside from the stress and nerves that come with the juggling act that is my life, I move through to 2016 with over-riding feelings of pride, passion, excitement and positivity. I resolve to only give my time to the people and tasks that deserve it, and I will be as efficient as possible. I have family, I have friends, I have an incredibly supportive boyfriend, I have a fabulous new company, and I’ll always have the Arts. Those are very, very comforting thoughts.

Our lives are fragile and momentary, so we should all make the most of every precious moment we have – Denis Lock, La Soiree.

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Freya Parsons

Elite Squad Co-Founder

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