There’s a cigarette slowly dying in the park.

Spluttering, wounded, its last words are

A silver spider web-thin trail of smoke,

Consistent, perfectly straight, whispering

‘I have something to say! I have-‘




There’s a painting hanging in the sky

Who stole it and put it there?

The gallery’s only open for another 10

Minutes. Or so. And she’s like:

‘Yep, I’m pretty wondrous, take me in’




There’s a fox hanging out in my muggy

Pre-tea (pre-life) early morning garden.

Gloriously ginger, he bites himself sideways

Weighs up which way to jump, abilities,

Agilities, ambitions. Kettle clicks, he’s



But you. You have nothing to prove.

You do not disappear if no one’s

Watching you. You are never alone,

Not while the world has so much

To teach you, show you, breathe.

There is strength in this solitary state.

Rachel Salisbury

Rachel is an actor and tentatively new writer. She is passionate about theatre, film, poetry and literature and spends most of her time (and money!) seeing as much as she can. She trained as an actor at East 15 Acting School after studying Drama and English at the University of Birmingham. Despite only recently returning to writing, Rachel wrote poetry and stories throughout her teenage years. Her writing blog can be found here and her Spotlight page can be found here
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