Life as a new Mum

Having my baby daughter, Phoebe, has allowed me to access every single emotion I think there is! The terror of the traumatic birth, the absolute elation of knowing you have a healthy baby, the hysteria during the sleepless nights, the joy when they sleep through the night, the despair when they are sick, the hilarity of their brilliant gobbledegook, the pure love you have for them…. I really could go on and on. As an actress, this has helped me immensely, because I have felt things I have never felt before- so surely when connecting to a character this can only help. Well, sadly I am going to have to just assume this for now, as I haven’t acted since having Phoebe who is now 14 months! I am part of a theatre company, Tormented Casserole, who devise our own work- we have a 2 woman show that we have successfully performed in a few great venues to great reviews- but sadly finding the time to focus on continuing the life of this is something I have struggled with- it is in the forefront of my mind to continue this play we are so very proud of, but when on earth do you find the time?? Getting out the laptop to start submissions seems to be a signal to Phoebe for climbing up Mummy time and grabbing the keyboard with force, dribble accompanied, most probably with an explosive poo to add to the mix! When I go to the day job, I actually have to work (what’s that about?!). And in the evenings, I want to actually speak to my husband and eat my long awaited dinner.  It will happen, I just need to adjust, after all, my life has been turned upside down- you genuinely can never prepare for how different your life is.

I performed when pregnant, so I am sure we can find a way to tread those boards again. I have got myself an agent, so the baby steps are being made (excuse the pun!)

As well as the emotions I now have access to, I feel I have many stories to tell, so I have a vision of writing again. I mean, who wouldn’t want to hear about my child doing an up the back poo on a long haul flight, only to wee all over the toilet cubicle when changing her? Or during that quiet moment in a full lift your child deciding that farting as loud as a grown adult is the perfect timing?

At least there is no time limit on being a creative, I have all the time in the world right?!

Samantha Deaton

Samantha Deaton is a Mum/Wife/Friend/Sister/Daughter/Actress/Creative/Executive Assistant and multi tasker!

Company member of Tormented Casserole, a new theatre company committed to presenting thought-provoking current issues in an exciting and vibrant way.

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