Most Folks: an Echo of a Rambling Hippie


I was born in 1984, which is also the title of an extremely famous book.  I’m currently in the middle of reading it and I hope that it proves to be less visionary than many believe it to be, for everyone’s sake.  For as long as I can remember I’ve always had an issue with people describing other groups of people as “they”.  The implications of this casual labelling always put me off.  “Them”.  “Over there they live like that”.  Etc, etc.  It never sat well with me.  It seemed flagrant, ignorant, and you’ll hear it in conversation quite often if you listen out for it.   I’m no scholar and I haven’t been everywhere in the world but in my near 33 years on this earth I’ve been a practicing extrovert.  Yeah, I’m one of those. For better or worse I love to chat with just about anyone.  More recently I’ve been a little bit more of a news junkie, free-wright practitioner, continuing my obsession with sound, and have become a father.  How do all of these things add up?  In my adult life most folks whom I’ve spoken to, worked with, met in passing, or engaged with in any way for that matter, all want the same thing, whether or not they know it.  Peace and Love.  Eeeeeeeeeeasy hippie boy.  It’s 2017.  Put down the funny cigarette and get back to work.

Really though…


Peace.  For humanity to have peace that would mean people would need to be respectful of one another.  In the workplace, in the community, at home, abroad, anywhere and everywhere.  You can’t have peace without respect and when respect is embraced and put into practice by society, then violence doesn’t take place.  Thus enabling peace.  Imagine that for a second.  Crazy, isn’t it?… Everyone respecting one another, creating a peaceful way of life and a peaceful world. Well, glad that’s all cleared up, that was easy.  Now then, love.  Why does everyone need that?  How’s that supposed to get my bills paid?  In theory without love none of us would be here.  We wouldn’t have families.  We wouldn’t have friends.  We wouldn’t have things like passion, the will to live, compassion for others, or any true happiness.  Love is “it”.   I’ve yet to meet anyone who has too much love in their heart or has received too much love from someone else.  It’s a damn shame the famous phrase isn’t “love and peace”.  That was a screw up.  If one’s heart is filled with love then they can be swayed into practicing respect for everyone – thus enabling peace.  You see, the love came first… Had the famous slogan been reversed maybe the state of the world would be different?  I blame those baby-boomers for their lack of foresight, although the original phrase is undeniably catchier…


Hey, hippie-boy, you are speaking for other people!  You are contradicting yourself!

Excuse me kind sir, when I say “most folks”, I am referring to the people I’ve met in my modest time on this planet.  I’ve only been to about 15 countries and about a dozen states in the USA.  That’s hardly the world, barely even scratches the surface, but I will make the following statement in confidence:  Most folks just need peace and love.  I’m going to try to spread my share.  Upon completion of this blog I will start a musical project called “Most Folks”.  For the moment it will be a duo featuring myself alongside a supreme musician, guitarist, close friend, and peace/love spreader, Niels Bakx.  Here is us in his living room. We’ll play songs from the era which deserves more than a head nod for the idea of love and peace – I mean peace and love, the late 60’s. As well as some more contemporary songs and a few of our own. A portion of all profits made from any performance we ever play will be donated to benefit our fellow humans in areas where peace and love are scarce. That’s right, me and my friend are going to bring world peace by playing some songs for people.  Whether it be a living room, a pub, or Wembley. If you’ve yet to know peace, love or either: Call me, write me. I’ll bore you to with them and hopefully contaminate you through the form of song.

Alex LoSardo

Alex LoSardo is a songwriter, guitarist and singer. With a background mainly in rock music he is now taking a slight-left-turn in his writing and performance plans.
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