An Encounter With A Prince – Lessons Learnt (3 P’s)

Life can often be a hectic entanglement of appointments, unchecked to-do-lists, early-starts and spontaneous outings. Such whirlwinds leave us vulnerable to being ill-prepared for those unexpected encounters. My unexpected encounter came when Prince Harry & Meghan Markle decided to visit Reprezent Radio (a station I DJ and present on) a couple of weeks ago. I handed Prince Harry my business card and the rest was literally history.

As creatives, we have to remember that we are a brand, and every brand benefits from marketing.  I am very certain that the world’s biggest brands would have paid a significant amount to have received the exposure I did. I had new-wave media platforms such as BuzzfeedVICE and E! News writing about me; ITV’s Ben Shephard endorsing my campaign and news channels across the globe saying my name… “Jevanni Letford, the cheeky DJ who…“. My website experienced a 400% increase in hits and business is now very healthy. My story is a success and upon reflection there were 3 components that contributed to it:

  • Positioning – A lot of the time, it is about being at the right place at the right time. While we cannot always predict when a special moment is about to happen, we can make an effort to attend the right events and mingle with the right people. It is important to network and practice our craft so that when called upon, we are best placed to make an impression.
  • Preparation  – I always carry business cards with me. From experience I find that they can come in handy at random times. I had no idea I’d get close to Prince Harry, but in that moment as he walked past; my conscious decision to leave my flat with business cards in my pocket meant I was prepared for the unexpected encounter.
  • Pitch – The answer will always be “no” if you don’t ask the question. Although I’ve not yet received a “yes” from Prince Harry, I have had multiple “yeses” from people around the world who heard my pitch. All because, in that moment I made a decision to step out and shoot my shot. We are our biggest champions and if we aren’t putting ourselves out there, what makes you think others will?

I truly believe that the 3 P’s above can be applied to any set of circumstances. Whether you’re a dancer, a poet, a business person or a designer. Ensure you are positioning yourself, preparing for the unexpected and working on your pitch. All will aid you in your pursuit of chasing your dreams.

Jevanni Letford

Jevanni Letford is a DJ working for major clients and at events, including regularly at Boxpark & Reprezent Radio, he also runs events for his company ‘ChickenNBeer’ and is a former lawyer!!

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