Competition –

What does that even mean?

Google answers –


noun: competition

The activity or condition of striving to gain or win something by defeating or establishing superiority over others.

To most –

Sweaty Palms, Dry Mouth, Nervous Twitches, Nights of Insomnia, Anxiety Overload

To me –

Passion!! – It ignites a fire deep in my belly, which pumps adrenaline wildly around my body.

My Story – So far..

I was introduced to the world of Personal training when I took a vacation to Marbella 5years ago. Little did I know that in 2 years time, I would be replicating the same holiday tan, bikini, heels (we were in Marbella) but this time, to stand on stage, in front of a crowd and be judged in a Bikini Fitness Competition!

A friend took me to watch Miami Pro in October 2014 and I still remember sitting in the crowd, surrounded by thick set, creosote stained men & women, eating chicken & broccoli out of their Tupperware and shouting support at their friends or family members on stage! It was a really surreal world, but I couldn’t help sit and watch the women on stage, with complete admiration!!

I had trained hard all my life, as a dancer; gruelling hours of training, focusing on technique, perfecting it and scrutinising my body in every way, to make it skinnier and less “bulky”

Running on treadmills, sliding on cross-trainers and pulling at the rowing machine for hours on end.

Not even daring to lift up a 2kg Dumbbell for fears of it ‘Bulking’ me up and turning me into a man!!

Flash forward 3 years and to now, where the only 2kg weight I pick up, is my 2.5kg delivery of Protein powder.

I’m lifting and squatting 1.5x my body weight (90kg), leg pressing 5x my body weight and my body has never been as lean or as toned as now!!

After my trip to the show, I decided to see if I could train that way & I fell into the world of Bikini Fitness Competitions.

I grew up performing on stage, so getting up putting on a show wasn’t any issue.

It was learning to nourish my body correctly, after years of bad dancer habits.

It was learning to trust a coach, after years of listening to dance teachers’ bad advice

It was learning to scrutinise my body shape in a healthy way; muscular balance & definition and then knowing how to manipulate the results rather than punish myself for them!

I have now competed in 4 shows in total.

2 with WBFF and 2 with Miami Pro

I have had 3 different coaches –

My highest placing so far is 4th in Bikini & 5th in fitness –

My daily routine;

Sunday afternoon – Food Prep consisting of cooking 5 meals for one day x 3 days food prep. Tupperware galore!!!!!

Monday – Friday

Up at 4 or 5am (40-60mins Fasted Cardio)

Off to train PT clients at work 6am-1pm

My weight training session – 1-2hrs

Train more clients 4-8:30pm

Evening Cardio finish training 9pm onwards

Bed 10-11pm.

(With 5-6meals thrown in, eating every 2-3hrs)


I check in with my coach every Saturday morning, religiously; progress pictures, mood levels, energy levels, weight and soreness levels!


Each week my diet may change slightly and my training plan changes too.


It is HARD. It is EXTREME.

I don’t get to see my friends and go out drinking every weekend.

I don’t get to go out for dinner dates (unless it’s calculated in to my macros as a reefed/cheat meal!)

There are days that I want to pack it all in and go to a bar, sit in the sun and drink prosecco.


But, for everyone, that is a really short term fix that makes you happy for that moment.


This journey of competing and living an athlete’s strict lifestyle is a long term career path which makes me happy every single day!!

I choose that life because it makes me happy.

It gives me a focus and it drives me every-day.

It is MY PASSION. <3


If you are thinking of stepping into the world of Fitness & interested in competing – speak to someone who can advise and help you.



Jennifer-Jayne Stone

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