The Anarchist Feminist Party

What does Feminist mean to you?

The word ‘feminist’, to me, conveys a collective in which to obtain equality, but also a group in which to identify as ‘other’. It is a movement which advocates equality, inclusive of ALL people!

How would you describe yourself as an artist?

Chaotic, impulsive usually experimental- It’s the non-normative styles where I feel most at ease.

What and why inspired your event ‘The Anarchist Feminist Party?’ and why do you think it’s important to put this event on?

It began as the practical component of my Practice as Research masters where I am assessing the ways in which fifth wave feminism is shaping performance practice. I really wanted to collaborate with lots of artists from different disciplines, and so I decided to orchestrate something which would create a space for women, self-defining women and non-binary artists to work within their medium.

The punk idea came from my obsession with Riot Grrrl and the DIY aesthetic which qualifies ANYONE to create, regardless of training or experience. During the preparation for this event I have learnt so much, from curating an exhibition all the way to the technical elements of putting on a music band. All of which has come from the advice of contributors or free online tutorials!

This will be a self-organisational and non-hierarchical event, what inspired this?

Because this is the way in which feminism is becoming more inclusive, by allowing others to speak without hierarchy dictating who speaks, for example. Self-organisation is another way of attempting to remove hierarchy, it’s about recognising the need to be more inclusive and intersectional and questioning who could be the subject of oppression at any given moment, and then undoing that.

All of the proceeds for the event are being donated to Feminist Fightback, can you briefly describe their work and why you choose this particular initiative?

Feminist Fightback are an activist collective who organise protests, rallies and meetings inspired by the politics of a range of anti-capitalist feminist struggles. I felt that this really struck a parallel with the punk underpinnings of my event and was eager to donate to a group which is fully committed to an intersectional movement and inclusive to people of all genders. I was also drawn in by the fact their meetings are organised on a non-hierarchical and consensus basis, which again was analogous to the aims of my event. A representative from the organisation will be attending the event too!

An Interview with Shannon

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